Simplifying Forms Management
Elevate Your Document Management
Simplify and streamline your document management process by transitioning to electronic forms. Experience the convenience of digital data collection, efficient workflows, and secure storage, revolutionizing how you handle and manage your documents.
Seamless Integrations

Enjoy a unified and efficient workflow with smooth data exchange, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring accuracy. Experience the power of seamless integration, maximizing productivity and streamlining your business processes.

Reportable Data

Our forms management solution empowers you with robust reportable data export capabilities. Easily extract and export form data in various formats, such as XML or CSV, to gain valuable insights and perform in-depth analysis. With customizable reporting options, you can generate comprehensive reports tailored to your specific needs.

Custom Workflows

Achieve maximum efficiency and control over your processes with custom workflow solution. Our customizable workflows allow you to create, automate, and manage your unique HR processes.


The benefits of our innovative smart forms technology

Digital Experience

Effortlessly transform your document management with digital collection, signature, and reportable data fields.

Tax Management

Our solution offers pre-populated tax forms, simplifying the process of capturing accurate tax withholding information and enhancing efficiency. With our smart forms, users are guided through the completion of federal, state, and local new hire tax forms, minimizing errors and ensuring accurate data transmission.

  • Version Tracking and Updates
  • Pre-populated Data
  • Up-to-date data transmission
  • Automatic Calculations
Key Benefits

Take advantage of our experience in assisting organizations of all sizes and from every industry in transitioning from paper-based document management to a digitized experience.

  • Create and collect custom fields
  • Custom & Countersign Workflows
  • Bulk Send Documents
  • Clarify Roles & Responsibilities
  • Auto-fill Specified fields
  • Send secure links with customized forms
Effortlessly transform your document management
Streamline Data Collection

Efficiently collect data with our smart forms management solution. Say goodbye to manual data entry and paper-based processes. Our intelligent forms enable streamlined data collection, saving time and reducing errors.

Enhanced User Experience

Deliver a superior user experience with our smart forms management system. Transform traditional forms into interactive and user-friendly experiences. Intuitive interfaces, smart fields, and real-time validation make the process seamless for both employees and employers.

Secure Digital Signatures

Ensure the authenticity and security of your documents with our smart forms management solution. Enable digital signatures, eliminating the need for physical paperwork and providing a legally binding and secure signing process. Protect sensitive information and enhance compliance with industry regulations.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Gain valuable insights from your form data with our advanced reporting and analytics capabilities. Track form completion rates, analyze responses, and generate comprehensive reports. Unlock valuable data-driven insights to drive informed decision-making and optimize your processes.

Powerful workforce features

Reportable Data
Bulk Send Documents
Send, Sign, Collect
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