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HRWC empowers you to optimize your HR operations and unlock the full potential of your workforce.

Unified Platform

Say goodbye to complicated tech stacks and multiple HR solutions. With HRWC’s unified platform, you can manage all aspects of HR on one easy-to-use platform. Our streamlined workforce solutions eliminate the need for multiple tools and services, saving you time and resources. With a consistent experience across all teams, HRWC helps you optimize your HR processes and minimize errors.

Streamline & Simplify

Simplify your HR operations and eliminate errors and duplicate work with HRWC. Our streamlined processes enhance efficiency by automating tasks, reducing manual data entry, and ensuring consistency. Experience an intuitive and user-friendly platform that guides your team through a standardized, error-free HR lifecycle.

Empower & Automate

Our digital platform offers streamlined onboarding through smart forms, data validation, and electronic signatures. Experience the convenience of automating your onboarding process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. With a consistent experience for your entire team, you can empower your employees and drive business growth.

Compliance Excellence

Experience the seamless integration of compliance-focused solutions offered by HRWC. Achieve workforce compliance knowing that your HR processes are in full alignment with regulatory requirements. Trust in HRWC to simplify your compliance journey and unlock a new level of peace and confidence in your HR operations.


Build your dream team with our workforce solutions

I-9 Management

Effortlessly manage your I-9 process and ensure compliance with HRWC's comprehensive I-9 Management Solution. Our intuitive platform simplifies the entire I-9 process, from collection and verification to storage and retrieval. Say goodbye to manual paperwork and reduce the risk of errors or penalties.


Experience the convenience and reliability of HRWC's E-Verify Solution. Our platform seamlessly integrates with the E-Verify system, enabling you to effortlessly verify the employment eligibility of your workforce within our platform.

Electronic Onboarding

Revolutionize your onboarding process with HRWC's Electronic Onboarding Solution. Our digital platform allows for paperless, remote onboarding through smart forms, electronic signatures, and automated data validation

Tax Credit Management

Maximize your savings with HRWC's Tax Credit Screening Solution. Our advanced platform automates the screening process, identifying eligible tax credits and incentives for your business

Forms Management

Simplify and streamline your forms management process with HRWC's Forms Management Solution. Our comprehensive platform digitizes and automates the entire forms workflow, from creation to submission.

Electronic Pay Advice

Say goodbye to traditional paper pay advice slips and embrace the convenience of HRWC's Electronic Pay Advice Solution. Our secure platform enables you to provide employees with digital pay advice statements, accessible anytime and anywhere.

Employment & Income Verification

Streamline the process of verifying employment and income with HRWC. Our advanced platform offers secure and automated verification services, allowing employers and third-party verifiers to access accurate and up-to-date information quickly.

Unemployment Cost Management

Take control of your unemployment costs with HRWC's Unemployment Cost Management Solution. Our powerful platform helps you navigate the complexities of unemployment claims, reducing costs and minimizing the impact on your organization.

Integrate easily with our API or iFrame

We understand the importance of seamless integration and adaptability in your HR processes. That's why we offer a range of integration options through our adaptable API, enabling you to customize your HR workflows according to your unique needs. With our integration solutions, you can effortlessly enhance your HR and onboarding processes.

Powerful workforce features

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Recorded Timestamps
2-factor authentication
IP collection
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