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API & Integration Options
At HRWC, we understand the importance of seamless integration and adaptability in your HR processes. That's why we offer a range of integration options through our adaptable API, enabling you to customize your HR workflows according to your unique needs. With our integration solutions, you can effortlessly enhance your HR and onboarding processes.
iFrame Integration
For manual data entry, our iFrame integration provides a straightforward solution. Embed our user-friendly iFrame directly into your existing systems, allowing for convenient and efficient data entry.
HRWC API Call with Pre-populated Data
Experience the efficiency of pre-populated employee data with our HRWC API. Make API calls to populate employee information automatically, saving time and minimizing errors.
XML Integration with Redirect/iFrame
Achieve seamless pre-population and redirection by utilizing our XML server. Integrate our platform with your systems through redirects or iFrames, leveraging the power of pre-populated data for a seamless user experience.
HRWC White-Label Option

Transform the HRWC system into your own branded solution by utilizing our white-label option. Customize both the employee-facing portal and manager portal to offer a seamless and fully customized HR experience to your clients or internal team.

Seamless Integration
Enhanced Efficiency: Streamline your HR processes by integrating HRWC's adaptable API, reducing manual data entry and improving accuracy.
Improved User Experience: With tailored integration options, you can provide a user-friendly onboarding experience to your employees, ensuring a smooth transition into your organization.
Customization and Flexibility: Our integration solutions offer flexibility and customization, allowing you to align your HR processes with your specific requirements and workflows.
Time and Resource Savings: By automating data entry and pre-populating information, you can save valuable time and resources, enabling your HR team to focus on strategic initiatives.
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